Further to an internal discussion among the current EURECA-M Board Members, Prof. Francesca Mallamaci, Board member since 2014, was elected as new EURECA-m Chair. Her term was validated by ERA-EDTA Council last October 2017 and became effective starting from January 2018.
After having served the Working Group for almost nine consecutive years (2009), first as ordinary Board member and eventually as Chair, Prof. Gerard Michel London stepped out from the Board in January 2018. The EURECA-m Board thanks Prof. London for his great contribution and dedication in the life of the group.
Prof. Alberto Ortiz, current Vice Chair the WG, will serve the Working Group until May 2018. Prof. Charles Ferro was recently nominated as Vice Chair-Elect and will take over the vice chair responsibilities shortly after the 55th ERA-EDTA Congress in Copenhagen.

In 2018, the Board composition must be partially renewed and 3 new Board members will be elected.
Before applying, please read the Working Groups regulations carefully and consider that to be eligible for the Board a member must have been an ordinary member of the WG for at least 2 years (or from its creation) or have a proven track record of relevant scientific expertise that would justify his/her being part of the Board; he/she must also be an active ERA-EDTA Full member: exceptions to this last rule can only be made for non-nephrologists; in  this  last  case,  however,  the  country  of  residence  must  be  within  Europe,  Countries bordering Europe as well as the Mediterranean Sea.

Click here to download the Working Groups regulations.

In order to apply, each candidate must send his/her application and CV (the use of this special template is mandatory) together with two supporting letters from two EURECA-m members (Board or Ordinary members) to eureca-m@era-edta.org, the EURECA-m secretariat will, indeed, collect the candidatures on behalf of the Working Group Vice Chair.

The deadline to apply is April 30, 2018.

The new Board Members election will be performed in person or by teleconference.
No candidatures sent after this date will be accepted; furthermore, candidatures not fulfilling all the above mentioned requirements, as per the Working Groups regulations, will not be taken into consideration.