On this page you will find an overview of the most Frequently Asked Questions and related answers.

General questions regarding the 58th ERA-EDTA Congress are answered on the General Information webpage.

Is the content available on-demand?

All content is available immediately after the live session within the program. You will also find the on-demand availability within the program, directly under the title.

In individual cases, it may take up to 24 hours for content to be available on demand. Please note also that content may not be available if the presenter has not consented to its publication.

Where can I find my favourite content?

You can find your program favourites either by clicking on My Congress, or via the program. You can also save your program favourites in your calendar by clicking on the corresponding icon.

Can I ask questions during the live stream?

You can pose questions to the presenter within the live stream. Simply enter your question in the “Questions & Answers” tab. The presenter or chair will then decide which questions will be answered. The presenter can answer your question both via “Questions & Answers”, or in the live discussion section.

What features does My Congress offer?

In your My Congress area, you have direct access to your personalized content. There, you can view your program favourites, complete our congress evaluation, download your certificates after the congress or get in touch with other participants.

How do I earn CME credits and receive my certificate(s)?

Your attendance to live sessions will be automatically monitored. Therefore, you do not have to do anything other than watch the live stream.

In the My Congress area you have direct access to your personalized content and you will be able to download your UEMS certificate from 1 September 2021. This certificate will show credits both for live and on demand content.

Certificates for German CME, general attendance and Abstract Author Percentile Certificate will be available from 10 June 2021.

Please note that you need to complete the congress evaluation to claim your certificates.

Where can I complete the congress evaluation?

Your opinion is important to us! The congress evaluation is located within My Congress. Please complete the evaluation in order to receive your certificates.

Where and when does the live stream start?

You can always find the current live streams the current sessions under the Live Stream page. All programme content can be found under Programme.

Can I pause the live stream, and can I continue watching it later?

The live stream cannot be paused, as the sessions and presentations are all live. However, you can watch all sessions afterwards as on-demand video.

Where do I find information on the ERA-EDTA membership?

You can refer to the ERA-EDTA Booth within the Societies & Events Area of the platform. This year, all non-members who pay and register to the congress, receive all the ERA-EDTA Membership benefits! Further information on membership can be found within the Meet the Societies Area.

Is there an official congress hashtag for Social Media?

The official Congress hashtag is #ERAEDTA21. Social Media Guidelines are available on the congress website.

Discover the new Networking module, which offers you the possibility to interact with other users. The interaction can be between two users (similarly to a chat) or within groups. Based on your selected areas of interest, matching groups will be proposed to you.

How can I message other delegates?

Select a delegate. Click on the “Send message” button. An input window will appear in the right sidebar where you can enter your message.

How can I join/leave groups?

To leave a group, navigate to the My Congress area and go to My Groups. Then click on the group you want to leave. Within the group, you will then find the option to leave the group at the top. You can also leave a group from the group overview by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner and then selecting “Leave”.

To join a group, open your networking settings. Now select the area of interest for which you want to join and confirm this by clicking on Save.

Can other users see my name on the platform?

If you use the networking module, you agree for other users of the platform to see your name and to be able to contact you. If you do not want users to see your name and be able to contact you, go to your networking settings. Now select for other users not to be allowed to contact you, please confirm by saving.

Where can I find an overview of all groups?

You can view groups in the My Congress area. There you will find the groups you have already joined as well as all other available groups.

Networking Module – Video Tutorial


Start the Helpdesk Chat by clicking on the blue icon in the lower part of the screen.