Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


A ‘fully virtual congress’: what does this mean?

Fully virtual” means that all scientific sessions, questions and answers, e-posters, and the industrial exhibition will be featured online.

Most scientific sessions will be live streaming sessions but some will also be organised as webcasts.

The scientific sessions will be online on the days and hours of the congress timetable.

On the days of our virtual congress, all participants can attend the virtual congress via live streaming and access all e-materials for an additional 4 weeks.

Do I need a special connection, tool, or software to attend a virtual congress?

No, you do not need a special connection, tool, or software to attend a virtual congress. You can use your personal computer or mobile device. The virtual congress can be viewed in any browser, but we suggest to use Chrome for a better user experience.

I live in a different time zone than Europe, how can I attend the virtual congress?

If you cannot view the sessions due to a different time zone, you can still access the webcasts.

I cannot attend the virtual congress from June 6 to 9, 2020. Can I still visit it after these dates?

If you are registered to the virtual congress, you can access all e-materials for an additional 4 weeks.


Does the virtual congress have the same agenda as previously planned?

Yes, the same programme will be followed:!events/259/programs/2020-06-06. However, please check our website regularly as there might be updates.

Will the same topics be presented?

Yes, the scientific programme has been maintained; the topics did not change.

Can I ask questions to speakers?

Yes, during the live streaming presentations there will be interactive sessions between speakers and audience, with professionally organized virtual Q&A possibility. For our webcast presentations, you will have the chance to contact the speaker via a messaging system.

How will the virtual Practical courses be presented?

In all Practical courses, there will be a theoretical part with live streaming presentations and a virtual demonstration part with videos made by imaging experts.

Will the accepted abstracts be published?

Yes, all accepted abstracts will be published in the abstract supplement that will appear with the June 2020 issue of NDT.

Can I withdraw my abstract/poster?

No, abstracts/posters can no longer be withdrawn.


Are the membership fees for the virtual congress the same?

The virtual membership fees can be viewed here:

If I wish to attend the virtual congress, what should I do to register myself?

You should register online. The membership fees and further instructions can be found here:

If I do not wish to attend the virtual congress but I was registered for the live congress, will my registration fee be refunded?

If you were already registered to attend the live congress, your membership fee will automatically replace the virtual congress membership fee allowing you access to the virtual congress and live online discussions.

If you decide to not take advantage of this unique and exclusive opportunity, we can offer you the following options:

1.  Use the amount paid as credit for the 2021 ERA-EDTA congress in Berlin.

2.  Receive a full refund (after June 9, 2020).

Please contact:

Will you offer reduced membership fees?

Reduced membership fees are available, please check here:

Is the free membership for students still valid?

Yes, students 28 years of age (the birth year cannot be before 1992) can still take advantage of an ERA-EDTA membership A-B, free of charge, and can attend the virtual 2020 congress.

Can I change the name in my membership? How much does this cost?

No, changing names in individual membership is not permitted.


WilL the deadline for payment for a blank group also be extended?

The deadline for blank booking and payment will be extended until May 15, 2020. The individual names should be submitted before May 21, 2020. After this date, you can no longer make changes.

Do we need a press accreditation and authorization to attend the virtual congress?

Please contact our press office ( to obtain accreditation.

Admission: how do I join the virtual congress? How will you know that a participant joining the virtual congress later is the same participant as previously registered? Will you use a photo or passport to identify each participant joining the virtual congress?

Specific instructions on how to access will be sent to all participants in due time. We will identify all accesses on our platform. Please note that, during the registration procedure, each participant accepts our terms and conditions in accordance with GDPR.


Will a certificate of attendance be available?

Yes, after June 9, 2020 participants will be able to download their certificates (congress certificate + CEPD certificate, if registered) based on their actual virtual attendance by entering ‘My ERA-EDTA’.

Will UEMS/EACCME credits be available?

Yes, after June 9, 2020 participants will be able to download UEMS /EACCME certificates (congress + CEPD, if registered) based on their actual virtual attendance by entering ‘My ERA-EDTA’.

I will present a poster/free communication. How can I receive the certificate of presentation?

A special certificate which shows the percentile reached by the abstract(s) will be given, as an exclusive benefit, to the authors of accepted abstracts (either oral or poster) who present their works at the congress.


Will the congress exhibition also take place in a virtual manner?

What are the virtual exhibition opening times?

These are aligned with the scientific programme.

Should I be registered to attend the exhibition?

Yes, you need to be registered as virtual congress member, exhibitor, or visitor.

How can I attend the industry symposia?

If you need more information about…

Virtual congress membership, please contact

Scientific programme, please contact

Abstracts, please contact

Virtual exhibition/industry symposia, please contact