Support for ERBP speakers at national society meetings

We are delighted to inform you about our year-round open call to send ERBP supported speakers to annual meetings of national societies. If you believe your national society could benefit from a close collaboration with ERBP by having a speaker at its national meeting to disseminate knowledge on ERBP, on topics handled by ERBP guidelines and on evidence-based medicine, then have a representative from your national society fill in the application form below, where you can also find the rules and regulations for this initiative.

Submit your application by:

    • December 1 for annual meetings held between July and November of the next year;
    • or June 1 for annual meetings held between December and May of the following year.

For questions please contact us at


Please carefully read the below rules and regulations before continuing to fill in the application form on this page.
  1. WHAT THEY ARE. The ERA-EDTA European Renal Best Practice (ERBP) offers travel for selected speakers up to a total amount of 1.000,00 EUR per meeting to present an ERBP-related topic at the annual meeting of a National Society that is preferably ERA-EDTA affiliated. The National Society should cover accommodation and registration.
  2.  HOW TO REQUEST SUPPORT. In order to request this type of support for a speaker, a representative of the National Society must fill in the “ERBP Supported Speaker Application Form” on the second page and submit it within the deadline of this initiative (see point 3).
  3. WHEN TO REQUEST SUPPORT. This initiative has 2 deadlines per year. A deadline of 1 June is valid for annual meetings held between December and May of the following year and a deadline of 1 December for annual meetings held between July and November of the following year.
  4. WHO DOES THE SELECTION. The ERBP Chair and Vice-Chair will be in charge of deciding who will receive this support. The decision will be ratified by the ERBP Advisory Board.
  5. ERBP will suggest the speaker(s), who will be a current ERA-EDTA member, including at the time the event takes place. Priority will be given to speakers based on membership of relevant guideline development group and/or of Advisory Board and previous opportunities. Furthermore, ERBP will provide a choice of topics based on ERBP work, or an overview of ERBP and its activities. The number of preferred speakers (1 to 3) can be indicated on the application. However, the final decision will be made by ERBP and will depend on availability and budget.
  6. The total lecture time per speaker must be at least 45 minutes (this could e.g. include two lectures of 25 minutes) and the speaker, as an ERBP ambassador, will include a slide on ERBP in their presentation and preferably use the ERBP PowerPoint template for their presentation. If the lecture relates to a specific topic, then 10 minutes should be devoted to an overview of ERBP and its activities (slides will be provided).
  7. The minimum time to re-apply for this initiative is every five years. Priority is usually given to ERA-EDTA affiliated National Societies, by income status of country, date of application, availability of speakers and to National Societies that have not received previous support in this initiative.
  8. Once confirmed, ERA-EDTA will be in charge of organising the travel arrangements of the speaker, taking into account the ERA-EDTA travel policy, namely that plane tickets must be booked in economy, train tickets in first class except for bullet trains, in this case the tickets are in second class.

Application form

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This form has been specifically created to collect useful information on your event before the final evaluation of the activities by the ERA-EDTA ERBP. ERA-EDTA takes your privacy very seriously and we confirm that all data processing is done in compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and the relevant/eventual up-dates as well as of the laws of Italy on this same topic. Please check the ERA-EDTA privacy policy and terms and conditions for more information.

If the ERBP Advisory Board positively evaluates your initiative and therefore approves ERA-EDTA support, the non-personal data collected in the current form could be posted online on the ERA-EDTA website and/or announced in a newsletter to the ERA-EDTA members. The national society and/or applicant is responsible for any updated information.

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