Junior members (cat. A and B)

Becoming a Junior Member of ERA-EDTA as a young doctor or scientist (up to the age of 40 years old or younger), you will profit from extra benefits next to the ones offered to all members:

Check out the forum for young nephrologists and nephrological researchers (YOUNG NEPHROLOGISTS PLATFORM – YNP the aim of which is to give an advising role within the ERA-EDTA for all matters related to members up to the age of 40 year old!

As a Junior member you automatically become YNP members

By becoming a Member of the Association you will enjoy all the initiatives of the organization with an extremely favorable cost/benefit ratio (click here).

Junior membership ends at the end of the 40th year.

Senior members cat. A and B

In order to apply for ERA-EDTA Senior Membership the following three conditions must all be met:

1-Reached 60 years of age;

2-Be retired from active medical practice.

3-Be an active member for at least 15 uninterrupted consecutive years (to be considered at the time of request of the benefit) If an active member has not paid a membership fee for a year/s and wishes to apply for uninterrupted consecutive membership, he/she must settle the pending past year.

Please notice that Senior Membership status is NOT granted automatically but must be requested for

To request Senior Membership, contact the Membership Office membership@era-edta.org

Senior member benefits

Senior Members are entitled to the following:

– they have the right to participate in the General Assembly with voice and vote (vote is possible only if they were Full Members);

– they cannot be elected as a member of the Council;

– they will not be required to pay an annual membership fee;

– they can participate in the Congress paying the members’ congress membership fee;

– they are entitled to receive the online subscription of the Journal of the Association, NDT (Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation) free of charge.

– only if they wish, they are entitled to receive the official Journals of the Association, NDT (Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation),  at the cost of production.