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No 73, March 2016

World Kidney Day: access articles and books for free!

In support of the 2016 World Kidney Day (WKD), NDT and CKJ have compiled a collection of contents from the Association’s journals and OUP books that focus on this year’s theme, Kidney Disease and Children. All of them are freely available online until the 31st of May.

Renal Replacement Therapy in Europe edited by the ERA-EDTA Registry

Looking for recent epidemiological information on renal replacement therapy in Europe (incidence, prevalence and patient survival) to be included in your presentation or in your paper? An important report has been recently made available by the ERA-EDTA Registry.
Visit http://www.era-edta-reg.org/index.jsp and click on "Slides summarizing Annual Report 2013".

Call for candidates to become an EuDial Working Group Board Member

In May 2016, the EuDial Working Group Board composition must be partially renewed with a minimum of two new members to be elected. Candidates must either have been an ordinary member of the WG for a minimum of two years or have a proven track record of relevant scientific expertise that would justify his/her being a member of the Board. Candidates must be active ERA-EDTA Full members (exceptions can only be made for non-nephrologists).

NDT and CKJ papers

Read brand new published papers on NDT and CKJ online!

Further to an agreeemnt between the editors Prof. Mustafa Arici (ERA-EDTA Flash), Prof. Carmine Zoccali (NDT) and Prof. Alberto Ortiz (CKJ), ERA-EDTA Flash is happy to announce the creation of a new permanent column that will host recently published papers, selected by the editors, appearing in the online versions of both Association journals.
Here are the first two papers:

Targeting the podocyte cytoskeleton: from pathogenesis to therapy in proteinuric kidney disease

Frequent monitoring of mineral metabolism in hemodialysis patients with secondary hyperparathyroidism: associations with achievement of treatment goals and with adjustments in therapy

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