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Foreword [PDF]  
Report on regular dialysis treatment in Europe VI, 1970 [PDF] 3
  W. Drukker, W. A. G. Haagsma-Schouten, Chr Alberts, B. Baarda  
1970 Annual Report on renal transPlantation in Europe [PDF] 15
  F. M. Parsons, P. B. Clark, M. G. Spoek  
Intermittent dialysis and renal transplantation in Europe: 20
survival rates [PDF]  
  H. J. Gurland, H. Harlen, H. Henze, M. G. Spoek  
A comparison of mortality and rehabilitation in regular 25
dialysis and transplantation   [PDF]  
  J. S. Cameron, F. G. Ellis, C. S. Ogg, M. Bewick, J. M. Boulton-Jones,  
  R. O. Robinson, J. Harrison  
Clinical experiences with multiple blood access sites  [PDF] 35
  H. J. Goldsmith, B. J. Hawe, G. England, A. Mansfield  
Proximal arteriovenous fistulae for haemodialysis when radial 42
arteries are unavailable [PDF]  
  S. Cascardo, S. Acchiardo, E. G. Beven, K. L. Popowniak, S. Nakamoto  

Retentissements cardiaques du shunt externe et de la fistule

A- V interne [PDF]  
  P. Zucchelli, M. Sasdelli, M. Fusaroli F. Garofalo  
A clinical trial with a glucose-free dialysate [PDF] 55
  N. Alwall, K. E. Hagstam, B. Lindergard, T. Lindholm  
A sorbent-based low volume dialysate system: Preliminary studies 63
in human  subjects [PDF]  
  A. Gordon, T. Gral, J. R. de Palma, M. A. Greenbaum, L. B. Marantz,  
  M. J. McArthur, M. H. Maxwell  
Blood loss during haemodialysis: an evaluation of the Ab Gambro system [PDF] 69
  W. M. Muir, R. M. Lindsay, J. F. Davidson  
Iron absorption in chronic renal failure [PDF] 81
  A. G. Fam, S. Howey, J. J. Taylor, A. G. Hocken  

Etude de l' anémie chez les hémodialyses chroniques: effets des

androgènes [PDF]  
  M. Petrover, C. Dresch, Y. Najean  
The use of androgen in the treatment if the anaemia of patients on  94
regular dialysis [PDF]  
  S. Shaldon, J. A. Lansdell, K. M. Koch, F. Opperman, W. Patyna, G. Schaefer,  
  W. Schoeppe, E. Werner  
The movement of fluoride across the cuprophane membrane of the 103
Kill dialyser  [PDF]  
  D. I. Prosser, V. Parsons, C. Davies, G. C. Goode  
Serum fluoride in chronic renal failure [PDF] 110
  J. Y. Siddiqui, W. Simpson, H. A. Ellis, D. N. S. Kerr  
Studies on the intestinal 47Ca-absorption in normal persons and patients 118
undergoing peritoneal dialysis, haemodialysis and Vitamin D  
treatment [PDF]  
  R. D. Hesch, H. V. Henning, W. Gerlach, G. Scheler  
Whole body calcium changes during long term dialysis [PDF] 126
  M. J. Chamberlain, B. H. B. Robinson  
Calcium infusion test in uraemic osteodystrophy   [PDF] 133
  B. K. Kastagir, S. Chrysanthakopoulos, L. E. Stevens, H. Klinkmann, W. J. Kolff  
The use of calcium carbonate and calcium phosphate without Vitamin D in the 141
management of renal osteodystrophy [PDF]  
  J. R. Curtis, H. E. de Wardener, P. E. Gower, J. B. Eastwood  
Mineral content of human skin in uraemia-effect of secondary hyperparathyroidism  146
and haemodialysis  [PDF]  
  Shaul G. Massry, Jack W. Coburn, David L. Hartenbower, James H. Shinaberger,  
  John R. de Palma, Eleanor Chapman, C.R. Kleeman Kleeman  
Plasma parathyroid hormone levels and bone histology in patients treated 151
by maintenance haemodialysis and renal transplantation [PDF]  
  C. S. Ogg, R. M. Buckle, J. S. Cameron, G. A. K. Missen, M. Bewick  
Investigations on the rate of urea synthesis and on nitrogen balance 161
in patients  with advanced chronic renal failure [PDF]  
  A. Scholz, R. Kluthe, M. Kessel  
Plasma and urine amino acid imbalance in chronic renal failure  [PDF] 167
  G. A. Young, F. M. Parsons  
The effect of dialysis and administration of essential amino acids on plasma 175
and muscle protein synthesis, studied with 15 N in uraemic patients [PDF]  
  P. Furst, J. Bergstrom, B. Josephson, L-O. Noree  
Serum proteins and dialysis treatment [PDF] 182
  P. Dall'aglio, R. Maiorca, L. Scarpioni, L. Migone  
Etude par comptage corporel du K total chez les insuifisants renaux chroniques 193
  traites par hemodialyse [PDF]  
  J. Traeger, A. Guey, J. F. Moskovtchenko, B. Francois   
The respiratory compensation of metabolic alkalosis. Influena of blood oxygen 200
tension on the pattern of adaptation [PDF]  
  C. van Ypersele de Strihou, A. Frans  
Carbenicillin Half-life time in patients with acute and chronic renal failure. 207
Effects of Haemodialysis [PDF]  
  V. Beroniade  
Comparative studies on dialsance and renal clearance of various 212
cardiac glycosides [PDF]  
  P. Kramer, J. Horenkamp, E. Quellhorst, F. Scheler  
Studies of lipochromes ( urochromes) and carotenoids in uraemic patients 217
and normal controls [PDF]  
  Theodore T. Tsaltas  
The disappearance of immuno-reactive insulin in anephric man and the  225
concomitant effect on glucose, cortisol and growth hormone  
levels [PDF]  
  G. Snodgrass, R. O. Robinson, K. Mashiter, C. S. Ogg, J. S. Cameron,  
  F. G. Ellis, L. Stimmler  
Demonstration of Australia (serum-hepatitis) antigen in two haemodialysis 235
units [PDF]  
  A. Blumberg, K. Giger  
Detection and elimination of hepatitis in a haemodialysis unit using 242
hepatitis associated antigen [PDF]  
  A. H. Knight, R. A. Baillod, J. F. Moorhead  
Home conditions-the limiting factor in domiciliary dialysis [PDF] 248
  P. M. Gordon, W. R. Cattell  
The effect of age on the results of regular haemodialysis treatment [PDF] 254
  S. L. Cohen, C. M. Comty, F. L. Shapiro  
Eighteen months' experience with haemodialysis in children [PDF] 261
  M. Broyer, C. Loirat, C. Kleinknecht, R. Rappaport, G. Raimbault  
Traitement des glomérulonéphrites aigues sévères par l'héparine et les 273
epurations extra-rénales répétées [PDF]  
  J. Conte, H. Ton That, M. Mignon-Conte et J. M. Suc  
A new concept of the mechanism of the so-called uraemic lung 286
syndrome [PDF]  
  Z. Ajewski, A. Wasiutynski, T. Orlowski  
The prevalence of theoretically available cadaveric kidney-donors at the 295
Copenhagen Kommunehospital [PDF]  
  M. Friedberg, N. A. Larsen, S. Larsen  
Recovery procedures of the intermountain organ bank [PDF] 300
  D. S. Ricks, L. E. Stevens, H. Klinkmann, W. J. Kolff, B. K. Kastagir,  
  S. Chrysanthakopoulos  
Cadaver kidney storage for human allotransplantation [PDF] 309
  A. E. Kulatilake, N. O'Donoghue, R. Shackman  
The role of polymorphonuclear leucocytes (PMNs)in hypercute renal 314
allograft rejection [PDF]  
  K. M. Simpson, D. L. Bunch, V. Meyer  
The role of the platelet in the obliterative vascular transplant 322
rejection phenomenon [PDF]  
  L. Burrows, E. Leiter, I. :M. Gelernt, L. Rattazzi, S. Glabman,  M. Haimov, A. E. Kark  
Detection of rejection of human renal allografts by increased RNA synthesis 331
in peripheral lymphocytes     [PDF]  
  J. R. Parker, F. G. Ellis, J. S. Cameron, C. S. Ogg   
Etude critique des tests d'activite immunosuppressive des serums 336
anti-lymphocytaires utilises en transplantation renale [PDF]  
  J-P. Revillard, J. L. Touraine, J. Brochier, F. Berthoux, D. Fries et J. Traeger  
Clinical features in allotransplanted patients with obliterative 352
angiopathy of the renal graft [PDF]  
  I. Reneltova, P. Rossmann, P. Malek, J. Hejnal, VI. Kocandrle, P. Ivanyi, J. Jirka  
Kidney graft failure erythropoietin and immunosuppression [PDF] 359
  T. Gral, P. Schroth, J. R. de Palma  
Psychologic and social adjustment to extended haemodialysis and renal 366
homotransplantation in 42 children [PDF]  
  V. R. Francis, R. N. Fine, B. M. Korsch   
EDITORIAL Antibiotic therapy in renal failure  [PDF] 371
  A. L. Linton, D. H. Lawson  
A practical arterio-venous shunt for dialysing patients with acute 393
renal failure [PDF]  
  V. Beroniade  
A Dacron@ velour band to prevent complications of A-V silastic cannulae [PDF] 395
  L. Cioni, E. Denti, S. Giovannetti  
A shunt drill [PDF] 397
  J. B. Hawkins, E. Moss, W. W. W. Forbes  
Histology of the fibrin tunnelfistula with respect to haemodynamic 400
changes   [PDF]  
  A. Stejskalova, J. Stejskal, A. Valek   
Pontage saphene interne: alternative a la fistule artério-veineuse 403
pour hémodialyse [PDF]  
  J. Conte, H. Ton That, F. Lazorthes, J-L. Gouzi, J. Escat, J-M. Suc   
16 months' experience with the subcutaneously fixed superficial femoral 408
artery for  regular haemodialysis   [PDF]  
  W. D. Brittinger, M. Strauch, G. E. v Henning, W-D. Twittenhoff, R. Ewald,  
  K. W. Wittenmeier, A. Schwarzbeck, B. Stegaru  
Unusual intra-and extra-corporeal connections for vascular access  [PDF] 413
  R. L. Lawton, R. M. Freeman   
Incidence of infections in a haemodialysis programme using an internal  416
arteriovenous fistula [PDF]  
  J. Ortufio, J. M. Cruz, J. A. Traver, A. Touchard, J. Botella  
A haemodialyser [PDF] 419
  Kai Setälä  
Disposable capillary film artificial kidney  [PDF] 422
  J. Hoeltzenbein   
Experiences with a one-compartment disposable kill haemodialyser   [PDF] 424
  P. Confortini, E. Bruschi, A. MuoIo, A. Giongo  
A new disposable parallel flow artificial kidney (AB Gambro) comparison with   430
the ultraflo 100, 145 and the Kill  [PDF]  
  C. M. Kjellstrand, T. J. Buselmeier, D. Duncan, W. O. Thompson, J. R. Shideman,  
  R. L. Simmons, J. S. Najarian  
The flatpack disposable dialyser  [PDF] 437
  J. R. Flower, F. M. Parsons  
Fluid film boundary layer studies for a disposable artificial kidney design  [PDF] 440
  G. E. v Henning, M. Strauch, W. D. Brittinger, R. W. Ewald, W. Huber, R. Rethel,  
  J. Rover, A. Schwarzbeck, W. D. Twittenhoff, K. W. Wittenmeier  
Clinical evaluation of a small, parallel-flow haemodialyser [PDF] 442
  A. R. Lavender, F. W. Markley, W. M. Hamby, M. M. Quraishi,  
  L. E. Cespedes, S. Phanichphant  
A comparative study of membranes for dialysis-membrane test procedures [PDF] 446
  H. Klinkman, J. D. Andrade, R. L. Kirkham, D. J. Lyman  
Hospital production of concentrated haemodialysis solution at minimal cost [PDF] 458
  K. C. Stead, R. Pym, N. F. Jones, A. J. Wing  
Reverse osmosis as a method for purification of dialysis water  [PDF] 462
  R. F.Madsen, B. Nielsen, O. J. Olsen, F. Raaschou  
Formalin sterilisation of dialysers: development of a 'closed-circuit' and 464
automated  washout   [PDF]  
  F. M. Parsons, K. A. Barker  
Removal of pyrogens from dialysate of artificial kidney [PDF] 467
  M. Biagini, P. Rindi, G. Rizzo, S. Giovannetti  
A new type of central dialysate production system   [PDF] 469
  H. Brass, K. Walther, R. Heintz  
A haemodialysis system with continuously regulated negative and 472
positive pressure [PDF]  
  M. Mebel, D. Strangfeld, K. Buchali, W. Dutz, M. Scheel, Th Erdmann  
Automatically controlled ultrafiltration during haemodialysis using 474
the Kill  haemodialyser [PDF]  
  J. O. Gray, M. L. Sanderson, N. P. Mallick  
Monitoring du circuit sanguin de dialyse [PDF] 476
  N. K. Man, A. Augustin, J. Zingraff, J. Vantelon  
Effect of partial dialysate recirculation on the efficiency of Kill dialysers [PDF] 480
  A. Stragier; T. Beullens, C. van Ypersele de Strihou  
Performance studies in vivo and in vitro on batches of consecutively 484
manufactured Kill dialysers [PDF]  
  N. A. Hoenich, A. Strong, H. Strong, T. H. Frost, D. N. S. Kerr  
A new concept in ambulatory dialysers for metropolitan areas [PDF] 486
  F. L. Shapiro, J. F. Murphy, C. M. Comty  
Incidence of Australia antigen in regular dialysis patients and renal 490
transplant recipients [PDF]  
  Ib Steiness, P. Skinhøj  
Cardiac output, oxygen consumption and acid base status in patients 492
on regular dialysis [PDF]  
  M. Papadimitriou, C. Raides, D. Yonanlis, D. J. Valtis  
Percutaneous cannulation of pericardial cavity in acute cardiac tamponade 495
complicating regular dialysis treatment [PDF]  
  J. Erben, J. Kvasnicka, J. Bastecky, J. Endrys   
A simple relationship between dietary intake, techniques of treatment 497
and body  fluid chemistry in routine heamodialysis [PDF]  
  T. H. Frost, D. N. S. Kerr  
Use of an event indicator chart for haemodialysis and transplantation 502
data recording [PDF]  
  A. H. Knight, P. Naish, R. A. Baillod, J. F. Moorhead  
Brid ischaemia attending kidney homotransplantation by new surgical 505
techniques [PDF]  
  Th Erdmann, M. Mebel, G. May, P. Strangfeld  
Neurogenic bladder-primary aetiopathogenetic factor in the development 508
of chronic renal failure in adolescents [PDF]  
  Z. VaIkova, A. Valek  
ANNUAL REPORT 1969/1970 [PDF] 511

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