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ERA-EDTA Congresses
WCN 2009 - Mark the dates!
Life of the Society
The new Scientific Advisory Board

The Birth of a New Election System

Poll of the month
Membership forms on-line
Grants and Fellowships
New Fellowship Budget for 2009
National Societies
Report from the German Society of Nephrology - DGfN
A short report on the ERA-EDTA CME course in Sofia, Bulgaria
Next ERA-EDTA CME Courses
Books and Journals
NDT and NDT-Edu new issues
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Gérard M. London, France


Adrian Covic, Romania


Chairperson of Administrative Offices

Rosanna Coppo, Italy


Editor-in-Chief of "Nephrology

Dialysis Transplantation"

Norbert Lameire, Belgium


Chairman of the Registry

Editor-in-Chief of "NDT-Educational"

Carmine Zoccali, Italy


Ordinary Council Members

Giovanni Cancarini, Italy

Dominique Chauveau, France

Ivan Rychlik, Czech Republic

Goce B. Spasovski, F.Y.R.M.
Peter Stenvinkel, Sweden
Gultekin Süleymanlar, Turkey
Christoph Wanner, Germany
Andrzej Wiecek, Poland

President of the WCN2009

Francesco Locatelli, Italy


Chairmen of the Scientific Committee

of the WCN2009

Kai-Uwe Eckardt, Germany

Pierre Ronco, France
Chairperson of the European

Council for Accreditation

in CME in Nephrology,

Dialysis and Transplantation

Rosanna Coppo, Italy


Editor-in-Chief of "Follow us"

Adrian Covic, Romania


Co-Editors of "Follow us"

João Frazão, Portugal

Cengiz Utas, Turkey

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The official ERA-EDTA Newsletter
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ERA-EDTA Congresses

World Congress of Nephrology 2009 - Milan, Italy – May 22-26 2009

Mark the dates!

Notification of abstract acceptance/rejection April 6, 2009
Notification of travel grant receipt April 6, 2009
Early pre-registration February 16, 2009
Late pre-registration April 27, 2009
Notification of scholarship receipt January 31, 2009
Hotel reservation May 10, 2009

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Life of the Society

The new Scientific Advisory Board has been created
Following the Autumn Council Meeting, held last October in Skopje, the ERA-EDTA Council members were
asked to evaluate candidacies for the new Scientific Advisory Board of the ERA-EDTA.
The final selection of the candidacies submitted were a Board of well-qualified professionals motivated in
pursuing the scientific goals of the Association as well as covering the whole spectrum of kidney research in
1. Blankestijn, Peter (The Netherlands)
2. Coppo, Rosanna (Italy)
3. Eckardt, Kai-Uwe (Germany)
4. Floege, Jüergen (Germany)
5. Florquin, Sandrine (The Netherlands)
6. Lamas, Santiago (Spain)
7. Locatelli, Francesco (Italy)
8. Murer, Heini (Switzerland)
9. Ronco, Pierre (France)
10. Tesar, Vladimir (Czech Republic)
11. Vanholder, Raymond (Belgium)
12. Wiecek, Andrzej (Poland)
13. Zoccali, Carmine (Italy)
The SAB is chaired by Gérard Michel London (France), ERA-EDTA President.
The SAB members, who will be meeting at the beginning for 2009 for the very first time, will be asked to
explore and identify potential research collaborations in fields related to nephrology, including
epidemiology, hypertension, and paediatric nephrology.

The Birth of a New Election System


During the WCN 2009 in Milan three ERA-EDTA Ordinary Council Members will be elected.
After an initial proposal to change the ERA-EDTA Constitution (General Assembly, 2005 – Istanbul), this year in Stockholm the ERA-EDTA General Assembly finally ratified the necessary modifications to introduce electronic voting procedures (together with the traditional paper ballot voting procedure) for the election of new Council Members.
This will allow all Full ERA-EDTA members to take an active part in the life of the Association even if they cannot actually participate in the annual General Assembly.
The General Assembly asked the ERA-EDTA Council to use an extremely safe software for this new voting method by choosing a certified company to provide the system: all this will be done using one of the best and certified methods that are actually on the market.
The electronic system will remain open, for a few weeks, before the Congress starts and each Full Member will receive (by normal post) his/her username and password to vote. During the Congress the electronic voting will be closed and only the paper ballots will be available: in any case voting will be strictly monitored so that no double votes will be cast.
More information about this new important procedure will be sent to all ERA-EDTA members in due time.


Poll of the Month 

From Giovanni Cancarini, ERA-EDTA Council Member

Click on the image below and submit to take part in the poll.

Do not miss the opportunity to let your voice heard, you opinion is very important to us!


Giovanni Cancarini


Your comments are welcome!


Please send your comments to our editors at


ERA-EDTA Membership Application and Payment Form submission directly on-line!

All ERA-EDTA Members can now pay their annual membership fees directly on-line! Go check it out: click on and follow the simple instructions.

All the methods of payment are included (credit card - only Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard are accepted - bank transfer; bank draft/check). Traditional .pdf payment forms are also available and can be downloaded and printed directly from our web-site ( click on "ERA-EDTA Membership" and then on "Renewal").

New Members can also now use the NEW on-line ERA-EDTA Application and Payment forms as well by going to this link:

If you should have any questions or suggestions, do feel free to contact the ERA-EDTA Membership Office (




Grants and Fellowships

New Fellowship Budget for 2009

The ERA-EDTA Council has recently decided to increase the budget for fellowships for the year 2009 to EUR 1.000.000.

The next deadline for both long-term and short-term fellowships is April 15, 2009.

Applications have to be sent to the ERA-EDTA President and submitted online through the ERA-EDTA website.

Do not miss the opportunity to apply!



National Societies

Report from the German Society of Nephrology - DGfN
From Prof. Dr. med R. Brunkhorst and Prof. Dr. med. J. Floege of Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Nephrologie
The German nephrological societies have a long and successfull tradition. The "Gesellschaft fur Nephrologie", founded in 1960/1961 mainly represented the scientifically active nephrologists and organzed the yearly "Kongress fur Nephrologie" (GfN). The successfull work of the GfN contributed in the high reputation of the German nephrology inside Germany and in the international nephrological community. The second society "Deutche Arbeitsgemeinschaft fur klinische Nephrologie" (DAGKN) founded in 1971 became the home of the more clinically orintated nephrologists and the nephrologists in the dialysis centers all over the Germany. The DAGKN was very important in the political work especially in the reimbursement discussion (as e.g. the DRG system) and the guidelines work. The nephrological society of the former German Democratic Republic became of the DAGKN in 1990.

Reinhard Brunkhorst
Juergen Floege




A short report on the ERA-EDTA CME course in Sofia, Bulgaria
From Evgueniy Vazelov, local Course coordinator and Goce Spasovski, ERA-EDTA Ordinary Council Member and Course coordinator.

ERA-EDTA, in cooperation with the Bulgarian Society of Nephrology (BSN) and ISN/COMGAN, organized a CME Course entitled “FROM CLINICAL NEPHROLOGY AND CKD RELATED PROBLEMS TO PROLONGED KIDNEY TRANSPLANT SURVIVAL” on October 11, 2008 in Sofia, Republic of Bulgaria. The CME course was included in the program of the 5th National Congress of Nephrology (October 9-12, 2008). 155 nephrologists and nephrology research fellows from Bulgaria and 12 from the Republic of Macedonia attended this full-day course. The well balanced programme of the course included lectures of 8 prominent speakers (2 from Bulgaria) who presented actualities and expert opinion on a wide range of topics in nephrology, dialysis and transplantation. The topics selected focused on Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) not only as a health threat, but as a worldwide socio-economic and financial burden as well.


Norbert Lameire and Goce Spasovski
Next ERA-EDTA CME Courses

9th Postgraduate Training Course in Nephrology
January 24-26, 2009
Prague, Czech Republic

For further information click here


4th Belgrade Up-to-Date in Nephrology
February 21, 2009
Belgrade, Serbia

For further information click here



Books and Journals

NDT & NDT-Educational New Issues

Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation is the official journal of ERA-EDTA and it is one of the world's leading journals devoted to original clinical and laboratory research in nephrology, dialysis and transplantation. Published monthly, the journal provides an essential resource for researchers and clinicians throughout the world.

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