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ERA-EDTA SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) - Call for Candidacies
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Gérard M. London, France


Adrian Covic, Romania


Chairperson of Administrative Offices

Rosanna Coppo, Italy


Editor-in-Chief of "Nephrology

Dialysis Transplantation"

Norbert Lameire, Belgium


Chairman of the Registry

Editor-in-Chief of "NDT-Educational"

Carmine Zoccali, Italy


Ordinary Council Members

Giovanni Cancarini, Italy

Dominique Chauveau, France

Ivan Rychlik, Czech Republic

Goce B. Spasovski, F.Y.R.M.
Peter Stenvinkel, Sweden
Gultekin Süleymanlar, Turkey
Christoph Wanner, Germany
Andrzej Wiecek, Poland

President of the WCN2009

Francesco Locatelli, Italy


Chairmen of the Scientific Committee

of the XLV Congress

Kai-Uwe Eckardt, Germany

Pierre Ronco, France
Chairperson of the European

Council for Accreditation

in CME in Nephrology,

Dialysis and Transplantation

Rosanna Coppo, Italy


Editor-in-Chief of "Follow us"

Adrian Covic, Romania


Co-Editors of "Follow us"

João Frazão, Portugal

Cengiz Utas, Turkey

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ERA-EDTA Congresses


Stockholm 2008: Another Record-breaking Congress for the ERA-EDTA

From Anders Alvestrand, XLV Congress President

Anders Alvestrand

Stockholm greeted a record number of more than 7000 delegates attending the Congress with the Nordic light and an almost Mediterranian weather, giving congress participants from all over the world  the opportunity to enjoy a scientific programme of the highest quality and at the same time experience the beauty of Stockholm in bloom after the long Nordic winter.




ERA-EDTA and ISN Together Again in Milan in 2009

From Francesco Locatelli, President of the World Congress of Nephrology 2009

logo wcn2009
Francesco Locatelli

It is my great pleasure to invite you to Milan in May 2009 to participate in the World Congress of Nephrology 2009. After the extremely successful WCN 2003, ERA-EDTA and ISN have decided to once again join forces to produce a meeting of outstanding scientific quality combined with an extremely rich cultural experience.
The venue of the meeting, the Milano Convention Centre, has been totally renovated and provides state-of-the art facilities for a large congress but at the same time is located in the heart of the city, which in these days is actually an exception to the rule.




Life of the Society


Results of the Elections in the ERA-EDTA Council


Ex-Officio Officers

The ERA-EDTA President, Jorge B. Cannata-Andía (Spain), ended his term in 2008.
The ERA-EDTA Council nominated Gérard London (France) who was elected by the General Assembly in Barcelona (June 23, 2007) for the term 2008-2011.

Furthermore also the other following ERA-EDTA Officers ended their first term in 2008:

  • Adrian Covic (Romania) - ERA-EDTA Secretary-Treasurer
  • Rosanna Coppo (Italy) - ERA-EDTA Chairperson of Administrative Offices
  • Norbert Lameire (Belgium) - NDT Editor-in-Chief

All of them have been confirmed for a second term (2008-2011).

The Chairman of the ERA-EDTA Registry, Carmine Zoccali (Italy), will end his term in 2009. The ERA-EDTA Council nominated the current Ordinary Council Member Christoph Wanner (Germany) who was elected by the General Assembly in Stockholm (May 13, 2008) for the term 2009-2012.

The ERA-EDTA congratulates all of them!


New Council Members

This year, at the ERA-EDTA Congress in Stockholm, Joao Frazao (Portugal), Pierre Ronco (France) and Cengiz Utas (Turkey) completed their three-year term as ordinary members of the Council.
The ballot which took place in Stockholm elected three new members from seven candidates who submitted their intention to serve as members of the Council for the next three years.
The newly elected ERA-EDTA Council members are:

(Click on the names to read the cv of each new Council member).

The ERA-EDTA congratulates all of them!



ERA-EDTA SAB (Scientific Advisory Board) - Call for Candidacies

In addition to existing Fellowship programme, the ERA-EDTA Council has recently approved an important initiative related to research. A significant investment was decided to support research initiatives - two major areas were defined:

1-Research Projects carried out by Networks of European centres based on:
  a)”Priority Topics” decided by the ERA-EDTA.
  b) “Free Novel and Relevant topics”.

2-ERA-EDTA support to European Collaborative Clinical Trials or Observational studies.

All these projects will be submitted to the ERA-EDTA Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for review, recommendations and to advise the Council on submitted programmes.

Following the decision to renew the composition of the ERA-EDTA Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for the next three years (2008-2011), ERA-EDTA Council is opening a call for NEW MEMBERS of the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).
The maximum number of SAB members is 10 and duration of this mandate is of 2 years. For more information related to the SAB activities and duties, click here.

Candidates should send a letter of intent (by July 15, 2008), including their motivation and vision, directly to the President of ERA-EDTA (c.o. to the Secretary/Treasurer).

We are truly looking forward to receiving your applications for candidature for the ERA-EDTA Scientific Advisory Board.
For more information, of if you should have any questions, please do feel free to contact us (Prof. Gérard M. London, ERA-EDTA President, e-mail address: )

Best wishes.

Gérard M. London
ERA-EDTA President

Adrian Covic
ERA-EDTA Secretary-Treasurer

Rosanna Coppo
ERA-EDTA Chairperson of Administrative Offices


Results from the Poll of the Month 
From Peter Stenvinkel


results poll

Protein energy wasting (Fouque et al. A proposed nomenclature and diagnostic criteria for protein-energy wasting in acute and chronic kidney disease.Kidney Int. 2008 73:391-8) is a strong predictor of mortality among CKD patients. Although several biochemical and anthropometric measurements correlate with nutritional status there is not a single measurement that provide complete and unambiguous assessment. It is therefore not surprising that the majority (61.5%) used a combination of surrogate nutritional markers to assess protein energy wasting. While serum albumin is a well-documented and robust risk marker in CKD it is not a valid nutritional marker. Indeed, many non-nutritional factors, such as inflammation, external losses, fluid overload and co-morbidity may affect S-albumin levels in the context of uremia. It would be of interest to know which methods to assess nutritional status was used by the 3.4% that indicated that they used none of the methods.

Please send your comments to our editors at



ERA-EDTA Membership Application and Payment Form submission directly on-line!

All ERA-EDTA Members can now pay their annual membership fees directly on-line! Go check it out: click on and follow the simple instructions.

All the methods of payment are included (credit card - only Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard are accepted - bank transfer; bank draft/check). Traditional .pdf payment forms are also available and can be downloaded and printed directly from our web-site ( click on "ERA-EDTA Membership" and then on "Renewal").

New Members can also now use the NEW on-line ERA-EDTA Application and Payment forms as well by going to this link:

If you should have any questions or suggestions, do feel free to contact the ERA-EDTA Membership Office (




National Societies

From National to International!

Over these years the relationship between the ERA-EDTA and the National Societies of Nephrology has always been considered essential and extremely beneficial to both parties. In order to celebrate and reinforce the liaison between these two realities (European and National), in 2006 the ERA-EDTA Council introduced an informal meeting to be held during the Annual Congress: the National Presidents’ dinner.

As for the last two editions (in Glasgow, 2006 - in Barcelona, 2007), the National Presidents’ Dinner has been honoured by the presence of presidents and representatives of the Societies of Nephrology based in European and adjacent countries (bordering Europe and the Mediterranean Sea): Albania, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Egypt, France, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Italy, F.Y.R. of Macedonia, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, and United Kingdom.





Grants and Fellowships

The ERA-EDTA Fellowships: a Contribution to the Research

After two years, the programme of the ERA-EDTA Fellowships has proven to be very successful. In fact, a total of 34 fellowships (17 long-term and 17 short-term) have been given so far to qualified applicants all over Europe.

Long-Term Fellowships are awarded for prolonged visits (12 to 24 months) and are intended for advanced training through research. The fellowships provide the travel costs and a stipend for the fellow and his/her family. Applicants should have a long-term commitment to perform research in the field of kidney function or disease and related areas, including renal pathology, pathophysiology, hypertension, cardiovascular consequences of renal disease, clinical epidemiology, dialysis and transplantation.

Short-term fellowships (up to 3 months) are established to visit other institutions to learn about new techniques or to facilitate research links between institutions.

The next deadline for both long-term and short-term fellowships is October 15, 2008

Applications have to be sent to the ERA-EDTA President and submitted online through the ERA-EDTA website.

Do not miss the opportunity to apply!





Report on the CME Course " From Prevention  in Progression of CKD and Related CVD and CKD - MBD Problems to Kidney Transplantation" (Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina – April 5, 2008)

From Halima Resic, Local CME Course organiser and Goce Spasovski ERA-EDTA Ordinary Council Member and Course coordinator

The CME Course  "From prevention  in progression of CKD and related CVD and CKD - MBD problems to kidney transplantation", was held on April 5th, 2008 in Sarajevo, capital city of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The course was organized in collaboration with ERA-EDTA and ISN-COMGAN as well as with the Association for Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (UNDT  BiH).

This was the first time any CME Course ortanized in Eastern Europe attracted such great number of attendants with 230 participants coming from Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Monte Negro, Serbia  and Slovenia. All the nephrologists were a very interactive audience with comments and questions after all of the nine presentations and the two case reports.



Next ERA-EDTA CME Courses

15th Budapest Nephrology School
August 26-31, 2008 -Budapest, Hungary

Read all the available information on the Course Webpage



Danube Symposium of Nephrology
August 28, 2008 - Krems, Austria

Read all the available information on the Course Webpage




Press Review

What They Write About Us


Visit the brand new PRESS AREA on the ERA-EDTA Website. This page has been especially designed for journalists and friends of the society. In this area you will find all the up-dated information regarding the ERA-EDTA, its aims, goals, educational activities, programmes and future events.

Read the press review about the ERA-EDTA Congress in Stockholm






Books and Journals

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