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Late Pre-Registration deadline Stockholm Congress
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ERA-EDTA Council Candidates
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ERA-EDTA Research Projects
An update on NephroQUEST
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TSN Antalya Congress 2007
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ERA-EDTA Fellowships
Madrid Course Report
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Jorge B. Cannata-Andía, Spain


Adrian Covic, Romania


Chairperson of Administrative Offices

Rosanna Coppo, Italy


Editor-in-Chief of "Nephrology

Dialysis Transplantation"

Norbert Lameire, Belgium


Chairman of the Registry

Editor-in-Chief of "NDT-Educational"

Carmine Zoccali, Italy


Ordinary Council Members

Giovanni Cancarini, Italy

João Frazão, Portugal

Pierre Ronco, France

Goce B. Spasovski, F.Y.R.M.
Peter Stenvinkel, Sweden
Cengiz Utas, Turkey
Christoph Wanner, Germany
Andrzej Wiecek, Poland

President of the XLV Congress

Anders Alvestrand, Sweden


Chairman of the Scientific Committee

of the XLV Congress

Norbert Lameire, Belgium

Chairperson of the European

Council for Accreditation

in CME in Nephrology,

Dialysis and Transplantation

Rosanna Coppo, Italy


Editor-in-Chief of "Follow us"

Adrian Covic, Romania


Co-Editors of "Follow us"

João Frazão, Portugal

Cengiz Utas, Turkey

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ERA-EDTA Congresses


Almost 2.000 abstracts submitted to the XLV ERA-EDTA Congress (May 10-13, 2008 – Stockholm, Sweden)

From Peter Stenvinkel, Chairman of the Paper Selection Committee

For the 2008 ERA-EDTA Congress in Stockholm a total of 1964 abstracts were scored by 245 abstract reviewers (1/20 being the lowest and 20/20 being the highest score). Based on the initial scoring, 27 sections chairs selected the top abstracts for oral communication and poster presentations in a second step. One hundred thirty seven abstracts were selected for oral presentation and 1035 were selected for poster presentation (Fig 1). Compared to the 2007 ERA-EDTA meeting in Barcelona the cut-off level for presentation was raised ≥ 11.0/20. The 2008 median abstract score was 11.5/20 (range from 4/20 to 18/20).
Like in the previous years, most abstracts were submitted from Southern and Eastern Europe (Fig. 2). However, this year surprisingly many abstracts were submitted from countries outside Europe, like Japan and South Korea. The number of abstracts selected for oral communication in the top 9 countries is presented in Fig. 3.
A new event at the 2008 ERA-EDTA Congress is a special Free Communication session (May 11th at 14:30) in which the six best abstracts from ERA-EDTA Fellows will be presented. This special session will be chaired by the ERA-EDTA president Prof Jorge Cannata-Andía, Spain together with Prof Giovanni Cancarini, Italy.
The chairman of the Paper Selection Committee would like to thank abstract reviewers and section chairs for their valuable work in selecting the best abstracts for the 2008 ERA-EDTA meeting in Stockholm.


       Peter Stenvinkel



ERA-EDTA Stockholm Congress (May 10-13, 2008)



The pre-registration deadline to the XLIV ERA-EDTA Congress has expired. Now only onsite registration is possible, starting May 10 2008 directly at the Stockholm International Fairs.
You will find all information about the onsite registrations at the following link

Congress Website:



Life of the Society

ERA-EDTA Council Elections at the ERA-EDTA Congress in Stockholm (May 10-13, 2008)

The Chairman of the ERA-EDTA Registry, Carmine Zoccali (Italy), will end his term in 2008.
The ERA-EDTA Council has nominated the current Ordinary Council Member Christoph Wanner (Germany) to be elected by the General Assembly in Stockholm (May 13, 2008) for the term 2009-2012.

Click here to read the cv of the candidate

At the time of the Stockholm Congress, three ordinary Council members will end their term: Joao Frazao (Portugal), Pierre Ronco (France) and Cengiz Utas (Turkey).
All Full members will be able to vote for a maximum of three candidates.
The following candidacies have been proposed to the Secretary-Treasurer:

  • Dominique Chauveau, France
  • Danilo Fliser, Germany
  • Milan Radovic, Serbia
  • Laszlo Rosivall, Hungary
  • Ivan Rychlik, Czech Republic
  • Gultekin Süleymanlar, Turkey
  • Pieter M. ter Wee, Netherlands

This year there will be two voting stations:
1) one located, as usual, in the Congress Registration Area next to the ERA-EDTA Membership Office - here members will be able to vote using computers or the traditional paper ballot;
2) one located in the exhibition area next to the WCN 2009 (Milan - Italy) stand - here ONLY voting with computers will be possible!
The voting station next to the ERA-EDTA Membership Office will be open from 07:45 – 18:00 on May 11 and 12 (Sunday and Monday, respectively), 2008 and from 7:45 – 10:15 on May 13, 2008 (Tuesday).
The voting station in the exhibition area instead will be open from 9:00 – 17:00 on May 11 and 12 (Sunday and Monday, respectively), 2008 and from 9:00 – 10:15 on May 13, 2008 (Tuesday).
A valid identification document (i.e. passport of national identity card) of the Full member who wishes to vote must be personally shown in order to vote. Vote by proxy is NOT possible.
A short curriculum for each candidate will be on display at the voting station and also on the ERA-EDTA’s web-site.

Full members can also vote immediately before the start of the General Assembly at 10:30 on May 13, 2008 in the K1/K2 Room.

The ERA-EDTA Council invites all Full ERA-EDTA Members to participate in the ballot voting for those they wish to represent them on the board that plans and decides the future of our Society.

Click here to read the cv of each candidate



From European Best Practice Guidelines (EBPG) to European Renal Best Practice (ERBP):  a  fresh start for the european nephrological recommendations
From Raymond Vanholder, Chairman of ERBP Advisory Board

End of 2007, the Council of the European Renal Association / European Dialysis and Transplantation Association (ERA-EDTA), decided to install a commission to discuss and define the future of European nephrology guidelines. This decision was taken against the background of a changing worldwide nephrology guideline landscape, with the Kidney Disease Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) initiative as a body developing global nephrology guidelines having been established in 2003. The original perception that KDIGO with time would become responsible for all nephrology guidelines was to be reconsidered when the KDIGO Board of Directors from 2006 on decided to develop guidelines along selected topics and to offer global advice leaving space for local, regional, continental or country-wise fine-tuning of the guidelines developed by KDIGO as well as opportunities to develop / update guidelines on topics not covered by KDIGO.



       Raymond Vanholder


Free access to knowledge

9000 NDT-Educational Subscribers!

The NDT-Educational Web Site reached the highest number of subscribers with more than 550.000 pages downloaded in the last 6 months!

NDT-Educational, a subsidiary web site of the ERA-EDTA web portal, covers a wide range of topics in Nephrology, such as Clinical Dialysis, Transplantation, Basic Science in Renal Disease and Hypertension, Hypertension, as well as Paediatric Nephrology, Basic Research and Epidemiology.

The NDT-Educational web site represents a relevant means of constant updating for doctors all over the world.
It is very interesting how the NDT-Educational web site acts as an ideal bond in countries not included in ERA-EDTA area (Europe and adjacent countries)! 30 % of NDT-Educational subscribers actually live in the USA, India, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Mexico and China.
NDT-Educational is therefore the best way to access Highlights of ERA-EDTA Annual Congress held in Europe!

International Associations, working all over the world for the benefit of Nephrology, regularly receive the e-toc of NDT-Educational for constant up dating (i.e. 50 ISN Sister Renal Emerging Centers, ANZSN – Australian Neo-Zeeland Society of Nephrology, and many others).

800 free subscriptions to the NDT Journal Online!

The Official ERA-EDTA Journal, NDT, is one of the world's leading journals devoted to original clinical and laboratory research in nephrology, dialysis and transplantation. ERA-EDTA offers 800 free NDT on-line subscriptions, to Academic Institution and not-for-profit Associations all over the world with the specific intent to benefit the nephrological world. Indeed, it is universally recognized that the NDT journal is as an essential resource for researchers and clinicians. Medical institutions based in Non Europenan countries (mostly in South America, Africa and the Middle East) take advantage of this constant updating thanks to the connections and strong collabotations established with NDT.



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ERA-EDTA Membership Application and Payment Form submission directly on-line!

All ERA-EDTA Members can now pay their annual membership fees directly on-line! Go check it out: click on and follow the simple instructions.

All the methods of payment are included (credit card - only Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard are accepted - bank transfer; bank draft/check). Traditional .pdf payment forms are also available and can be downloaded and printed directly from our web-site ( click on "ERA-EDTA Membership" and then on "Renewal").

New Members can also now use the NEW on-line ERA-EDTA Application and Payment forms as well by going to this link:

If you should have any questions or suggestions, do feel free to contact the ERA-EDTA Membership Office (




ERA-EDTA Research Projects

An update on NephroQUEST


From Kitty Jager, Ronald Cornet and Carmine Zoccali


  Kitty J. Jager


Last autumn a consortium of 27 organisations from 17 countries, including renal registries, national and European societies for nephrology, including ERA-EDTA, an ICT institute, a dialysis company and a quality improvement institute launched the NephroQUEST, a project funded under the Public Health Programme of the European Commission. During a meeting in Amsterdam last November the consortium set down to finalize a draft list of standardised clinical performance indicators including a priority for data collection that had been prepared by the QUEST clinical working groups on anaemia (chair F. Locatelli - Italy), calcium-phosphate metabolism (chair J. Cannata-Andia - Spain), cardiovascular risk (chair C. Wanner - Germany) and dialysis adequacy (chair J. Kooman – The Netherlands). Prior to the meeting the national and regional registries had collected further input from national registry committees and boards of the national societies of nephrology that was used to make further decisions taking into account the feasibility of data collection. The next step will be to make this list into a standards document for renal registries use.





National Societies

Brief report on TSN Antalya Congress-2007
From Prof. Cengiz Utaş, Head, the TSN Congress Organizing Committee

Turkish Society of Nephrology’s (TSN) 24th National Congress of Nephrology, Hypertension, Dialysis and Transplantation took place in Antalya on 15-18 November 2007 with a total number of delegates that reached 2010 including the 703 dialysis nurses who carried on a separate parallel meeting of their own. The usual high scientific standard was maintained also in this Congress thanks to a well organized and wide ranging program. Indeed, as an objective testimonial to its high scientific standard, this year too the Congress has been accredited by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) with 21 CME credits.





Grants and Fellowships

The ERA-EDTA Fellowships: a contribution to the research

After two years, the programme of the ERA-EDTA Fellowships has proven to be very successful. In fact, a total of 34 fellowships (17 long-term and 17 short-term) have been given so far to qualified applicants all over Europe.

Long-Term Fellowships are awarded for prolonged visits (12 to 24 months) and are intended for advanced training through research. The fellowships provide the travel costs and a stipend for the fellow and his/her family. Applicants should have a long-term commitment to perform research in the field of kidney function or disease and related areas, including renal pathology, pathophysiology, hypertension, cardiovascular consequences of renal disease, clinical epidemiology, dialysis and transplantation.

Short-term fellowships (up to 3 months) are established to visit other institutions to learn about new techniques or to facilitate research links between institutions.

The next deadline for both long-term and short-term fellowships is October 15, 2008

Applications have to be sent to the ERA-EDTA President and submitted online through the ERA-EDTA website.

Do not miss the opportunity to apply!





Report on the The III Joint Symposium of the “Reina Sofía” Institute of the Renal Foundation Iñigo Alvarez de Toledo and the European Renal Association (ERA-EDTA) (Madrid, Spain – November 29-30, 2007)

From José M Lopez-Novoa and Diego Rodriguez-Puyol Course Organizing Committee Members

The III Joint Symposium of the “Reina Sofía” Institute of the Renal Foundation
Iñigo Alvarez de Toledo and the European Renal Association (ERA-EDTA) and the CME course of the ERA-EDTA took place in Madrid, 29 and 30th of November. The Symposium started with the conference given by the winner of the First International Nephrology award “Luis Hernando”, Dr. Bernardo Rodriguez-Iturbe, from Maracaibo, Venezuela, and elected President of the International Society of Nephrology. The title of the conference was “Role of the renal interstitial inflammatory cells in hypertension”. The awarded was introduced by Dr. Angel Luis Martín De Francisco, President of the Spanish Society of Nephrology.

The Symposium was divided in three parts. Each one, with a variable number of speakers, was devoted to the analysis of one the hot nephrology topics of the moment.





III joint symposium logo

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Practical management of renal biopsies (the III Saxon Congress on Nephrology and Paediatric Nephrology) May 23, 2008 - Leipzig, Germany

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Workshop Renal Imaging - Practical Ultrasound Training for Participants(the III Saxon Congress on Nephrology and Paediatric Nephrology) May 25, 2008 - Leipzig, Germany

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Books and Journals

NDT & NDT-Educational New Issues

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