KDIGO Announces Publication of the Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral
and Bone Disorder Guideline Update


(Brussels, Belgium) - - - Kidney Disease: Improving Global Outcomes (KDIGO) is pleased to announce the publication of an important update to its clinical practice guideline on Chronic Kidney Disease-Mineral and Bone Disorder (CKD-MBD). This is the first update to the 2009 KDIGO guideline on the topic, and will appear in the July issue of Kidney International.

The Executive Summary of the Update and the entire Update Document can be viewed today on KDIGO.org as well as the Kidney International website. Markus Ketteler of Germany and Mary Leonard of the US chaired the Guideline Update Work Group. It is the culmination of a two-year process of rigorous scientific review of available evidence and consideration of those elements of the previous guideline made outdated by subsequent studies. It followed a KDIGO Controversies Conference on CKD-MBD that recommended the update. 

The update addresses changes in the evidence on diagnosis, management and treatment of mineral bone disorder in patients with chronic kidney disease, those on dialysis treatment and in those who have received a kidney transplant. Specifically, updated guidance on the proper management of calcium, phosphorus and PTH is provided. The role of new therapies in ameliorating bone complications from CKD is discussed.

KDIGO Co-Chair, David Wheeler said, “We applaud Markus and Mary for bringing this long-awaited new information to the global kidney community. This is a challenging subject and this document provides easy-to-access recommendations to clinicians facing complex patient treatment decisions.”

Wheeler added, “This is the focus of what KDIGO does. We translate the latest and best medical science into practical patient treatment assistance. Nowhere is this more needed than in the complex issues around bone and mineral disorders.”

KDIGO will now begin implementation activities around the world. Dissemination platforms include KDIGO.org, the free KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline app available for Android and iOS, news on the KDIGO Facebook and Twitter pages, as well as presentations at nephrology meetings. KDIGO will also produce a Speaker’s Guide, companion educational tools, webinars, and other educational materials.

CKD-MBD, a term coined at a past KDIGO Controversies Conference, has been a top priority for two decades. This guideline update is the latest vehicle for keeping clinicians aware of the evolving science. KDIGO will continue to monitor the evidence and keep the guideline current.

KDIGO is a Belgian foundation committed to developing and implementing nephrology guidelines that improve patient outcomes on a global basis.

For further information please contact KDIGO at KDIGOcommunications@kdigo.org.