Prof Wojciech Rowiński

In memory of Prof. Wojciech Rowiński (1935 - 2014)

With the great grief and sorrow we have learned about Professor Wojciech Rowiński passing away on the 14th of March 2014.

He was pioneer and co-founder of polish  transplantation medicine – from the first successful kidney transplantation in which he participated in 1966, up to current shape of polish transplantation as  modern multidisciplinary specialty.

Professor Wojciech Rowiński was outstanding physician, surgeon and transplantologist, as well as academic teacher and scientist.

He was founder and chair of the  clinical Department of General and Transplantation Surgery in Warsaw Medical University, which he led for 26 years developing it to multidisciplinary team transplanting kidneys, pancreas and liver, as well as performing broad spectrum of general surgical procedures.

He was director of Transplantation Institute in Warsaw Medical School in 1995-2004 (WHO collaborating center), for many years he was national consultant of transplantation medicine as well as Chairman of National Transplantation Council (1995-2006).

Professor Wojciech Rowiński was author and co-author of several chapters in  books and over 300 publications in international journals.

He was respected academic teacher involved in teaching of nurses, physicians and dentist, under his care there were several doctorates thesis defended, as well as few habilitations and professors promotions.

He was President of European Society of Organ Transplantation (2001-2003), Polish Transplantation Society (2007-2009), member of ASTS/AST, IPITA, ITS, ISODP, ESSR. Since 1996 until 2007 he was founder and Editors-in-Chief of Annals of Transplantation journal.

Due to his achievements, knowledge and personality he was recognized and respected member of international transplantation environment.

Professor Wojciech Rowiński was founder and President of Polish Union of Transplantation Medicine, NGO dedicated to promotion of transplantation and organ procurement as well as program Partnership for Transplantation, to which he dedicated the majority of activities in last few years.

We have lost righteous man and humanist. Professor Wojciech Rowiński will always remain in our memory.

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