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No 88, October 2016


Visit the Vienna Congress Industry Symposia section on ENP and give us your feedback!

Industry sponsored symposia are a vital part of the ERA-EDTA congress program and experience. Digital versions of many industry symposia are also available on ENP. By logging in you will be able to access and review materials at any time.

ERA-EDTA would like to get your feedback and share it with industry partners so that, with your help, we can improve industry symposia at future congresses.
Click here and select at least two of the nine industry symposia accessible via ENP (regardless if you actually attended them). You will be asked to review the symposia (by means of a specific link) and to answer four short questions.
We thank you for your time and kind collaboration!

European Nephrology Examination

Get ready for the Nephrology exam!

The European Union of Medical Specialists (UEMS) Renal Section and Boards, and the ERA-EDTA Council are pleased to announce the inaugural sitting of a European Certificate Examination in nephrology, in March 2017. The aim of this exciting development is to further harmonisation of training in nephrology across Europe. Registration through a dedicated portal is available from 26th October to 7th December 2016.

Just published online! Read the latest NDT articles

Just published online! Read the latest NDT articles

New marker classifies CKD progression at early stage
Chronic kidney disease is often diagnosed quite late, because in early disease it causes no pains or other specific symptoms. CKD progression is currently assessed by a decline in eGFR and an increase in urinary albumin excretion (UAE), but these markers are considered either to be late-stage markers or to have low sensitivity or specificity. A study published in NDT evaluated the urinary proteome-based classifier CKD273. The results suggest that it allows the detection of progressive CKD at early disease stages, when therapeutic interventions might still be more effective.

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miRNAs: New biomarkers for diagnosis and prognosis of CKD?
MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are innovative blood-based biomarkers involved in numerous pathophysiological processes. In this study five miRNAs were tested as potential circulating biomarkers for the diagnosis and prognosis of patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). It showed that serum levels of three of them (miR-143, -145 and -223 ) were elevated in patients with CKD, but not in healthy controls, and might, thus, help to diagnose CKD. They were even further elevated in chronic hemodialysis patients. An increase of these miRNAs might therefore be associated with disease progression.

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2017 ERA-EDTA Educational Programme

Help us create the 2017 ERA-EDTA Educational Programme

All ERA-EDTA full members are potential CME organisers. If you are an ERA-EDTA member and you wish to actively contribute to the creation of the 2017 ERA-EDTA Educational Programme, do not miss the opportunity to organise an educational course in your country and apply for ERA-EDTA support.* For new courses to be organized in the 2nd semester of 2017, applications must be submitted by December 15, 2016. CME proposal can only be submitted electronically (at http://www.era-edta.org/cme/index.php)
For further information, do not hesitate to contact us by sending an e-mail to: education@era-edta.org.
*The educational programme for 2017 does not include CMEs held during the 54th ERA-EDTA Congress (Madrid, Spain – June 3-6, 2017).

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