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No 82, July 2016

What is ENP?

Continuous scientific education is key to learn about, and then apply, ongoing scientific progress. ERA-EDTA is expanding its scientific educational services by providing a new online hub to the renal community.
This new European Nephrology Portal, or in short, ENP, enables Nephrologists and renal healthcare professionals to connect with the world of kidney and kidney health.
Discover it here  www.enp-era-edta.org

Present and future content of ENP

ENP was launched during the 53rd ERA-EDTA Congress, thus its main content are the Congress presentations available in the “E-materials” section. In addition to Congress E-materials users will find selected Industry Symposia presentations, key publications from NDT-Educational, ERA-EDTA working groups, CME courses, EuroPD CMEs and the ERA-EDTA’s Young Nephrologist program.
News in Nephrology, Hot topics and Leaders in Nephrology complete the ENP content.
As ENP grows other content sources will also be added: Literature review, ERBP guidelines and statements, articles from the CKJ and NDT journals and more.

How to use ENP

To use ENP a login as registered users is required. If you are not already registered please click on Sign up/Login and to “Don't have an account? Register on ENP” and follow the simple steps you will find. If you are a Congress delegate and want to access the E-materials your badge number is required (if you no longer remember/have it you can contact registrations@era-edta.org).
You can now browse ENP both using the website menu and a search tool that allows you to find ENP content according to your registration status, several options that you can choose and search keywords.

ENP for ERA-EDTA Members

ENP users registered as ERA-EDTA Members will be able to see all the content of the restricted area on ERA-EDTA Website and all the free content as well. The most important thing is that ERA-EDTA Members attending the 53rd ERA-EDTA Congress have unlimited access to the E-materials, this means that they can access and download all the available scientific presentations of the Congress. ERA-EDTA Members who did not attend the Congress receive, as a membership benefit, 30 e-points to access and download up to 30 scientific presentations.

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